Reverse Corp Limited

We were established as a telecommunications company providing calls of last resort, allowing our users to stay connected reverse charge from out-of-credit prepaid mobiles on all major Australian mobile networks and payphones. Our 1800-Reverse service operated from 2000 until closing in July 2019. To generate new earnings, we diversified into the Australian contact lenses market and until July 2019 owned and operated four online brands (our lead brand was providing contacts lenses direct to consumers. We are currently exploring options for our ASX listed shell. 

Our Companies

From 2000 to 2019 we successfully operated the 1800-Reverse service. 1800-Reverse closed in July 2019. The closure followed the termination of key mobile billing agreements with Optus and Telstra. On 1 July 2019, our online contact lenses business which we had owned and operated since 2012 was sold to Coastal Contacts (Aus) Pty Ltd (who operate the brand in Australia). 

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